Rubin´ some rubber and scraping some metal


Better with Age- Keith Ross’ 1966 Volvo Amazon

I have seen this Amazon all over the internet the last couple of months. Somebody should have done this to a Amazon in here in Sweden years ago but i haven’t seen one.

James’ 1969 Mercedes W114

I love old Benzes, this on needs white walls i think.
But you can take a bone stock old Benz and put bags on it and then you have a badass ride.

“There’s still some stuff in the basement” // Dimitris Ikosidios

I give this documentary a BIG A+

Deadend Magazine | Double Feature

Bitchin rides

Goodwood Festival of Speed Soapbox Racers

Well after seeing this i say more vintage looking soapbox racers to the world.

In this clip this is my favorite


The Tim Wellborn Collection

This is going to be fun to see, i hope they air it online.

This Outlaw Porsche 356 is a Family Tradition

Someday i will own my self a 356 i hope =)

“About an hour northeast of Los Angeles, nestled among the joshua trees and the hush-hush R&D operations of the aerospace industry, sits the home of Emory Motorsports. The company’s founder and nonstop ball of energy is Rod Emory who, along with his father Gary, effectively kickstarted the “outlaw” Porsche movement with their eye-catching 356 builds. Rod’s history as a visionary outsider is even deeper than we knew, as we discovered when we recently visited him and his team at their shop.”

Read the full story at Petrolicious


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