Rubin´ some rubber and scraping some metal


Preservare // Keating Wheel Company

Everything about this video was great, the story, the editing…

Preservare // Italian for Preserve
pre·serve verb \pri-ˈzərv\
1: to keep (something) in its original state or in good condition
2: to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction
3: to keep or save from decomposition
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The volksrod and the Caltex station

Took these photos yesterday of my buddie Magnus Volksrod, it passed inspection earlier in the morning, for the first time in 12 years




Scrape of the week

Ohh soo mean


Power Hot Rod Reunion 2014

Last Saturday me and my buddy Michael went down to Malmby Fairground, located 1 hour from Stockholm city or something, as always a bad ass event with a huge amount of kick ass cars. BUT! it was hot, soooo damn hot i burned my neck and my head baaaad. i was thinking of filming the hole thing but it was to hot so pictures will have to do.


Well time to start posting some stuff again. So on july 5th me and my buddy Jonas and a couple of other guys from town took a trip to Edstuga Ranch and the 2nd annual VWater meet. Last year was a hit so ofcourse we had to go, but this year i had my own VW to go in. BUT! i didn’t, my clutch is bad and the engine drinks oil like an alcoholic drink bear. And i really don’t have the time and money to fix it before my number 1 go to meet this year, which is Bug Run Classic on august 1-2. So i went with Jonas in his Variant with typ 4 engine with a turbo, man that car runs great and smooth.

We had a blast as usual, got a taste of some super quality home brewed bear witch i loved. And as always we meet some nice people.

Enjoy the pictures.

Lowriding with Jay – Jay Leno’s Garage

HAHA Finaly, Jay-Lo in da house.

“Lowrider Magazine’s Editor Joe Ray talks about the birth of Los Angeles’ native automotive art form; Chris Majera and Brandon Brusca take Jay driving in their custom Chevy Impalas.
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Santa Maria 2014

Alex Rosen always delivers good movies.

“Los Boulevardos Car Club and friends made their annual pilgrimage to Santa Maria, California for the West Coast Kustoms Cruisin’ Nationals. Friday night was spent cruising Main Street with world class custom cars, followed by the show Saturday and Sunday.
Song Artist: Ikebe Shakedown
Song Title: Hard Steppin'”

Source:Alex Rosen


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