Rubin´ some rubber and scraping some metal


Lovely Falcon

Well it’s been pretty slow on the site, i have been busy finishing up the last stuff on the bug so i can take it to inspection. and i have been sick for a week and a half.

I’m pretty in love with falcon Wagon and this one kicks ass.

Source: Los Boulevardos C.C



Summer is just around the corner

i hope i can get my project done in a month, a VERY exiting thing for me is gonna happen when the car is finnished so i better start huzzle in the garage.

I just watched this and in a month or so the real summer gonna start here in Sweden. and this made me whanna finnish my ride BAD.

Moon Bike Show 2014

Well it didn´t happen this year etiher. I didn´t go, the show was on Saturday and on Friday night i got to drive
my 61 bug for the first time since i bought it. So i decided to go all out in the garage this weekend. HOWEVER!
my Buddy Lasse Wikstrand went and of course he had a camera in his hand.

So here you go, Moon Bike Show 2014

Photos by Lasse Wikstrand

Project Coffee Glider update

Well it took me one year, or it has been one year since i bought the car, but i had a hold upp for 3-4 month and a couple of weeks here and there. But tonight, one year after i bought it i finaly could take my first cruise in it.

Enjoy….I know i did :)

Full Custom Garage – 30 Sec Promo for MAVTV

Yet another TV show about cars, sounds good to me =)

Deadend Magazine “I Can Be Cool” Teaser

I want to see this documentary when it´s done

This Oakland Racer Fits Just Perfectly

Now this is a little bit hardcore =)



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