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Boxerville Chill & Grill 2015

Well my weekend is offcialy over and i was suppose to have La Cholita ready for this awesome little Air Cooled only meet. But i haven’t wrote anything here in a month and there´s a reason for it. June 22 my dad past away in cancer and me,my sister and my brother in law had the clean out his apartment that he lived in for 30 years. It’s been a busy month, to say the least.

Well here is some pictures from the event, i was filming the whole time so most of the pictures is taken by my buddie Anton.

Movie coming up in a week or 3 ;)


One Vespa Leads To Another

I need an old Vespa

The Triple Nickel is More Than a Motorcycle

One cool girl.

1941 Willys Coupe – Jay Leno’s Garage

Nice Willys and a pretty funny ending ;)

“In-N-Out President Lynsi Snyder shows off her dad’s smokin’ hot rod, which she’s tuned to 1000 street-legal hp!”

Source: Jay Leno’s Garage

Mike Unland puts the D in Detail

If you are in the VW scene you problably already seen it.

When i first came across Mike Unland’s picture of his 59 vert pan sittin on the ground
outside his garage with the Rotiform FUC’s on it, i tought this is a project to follow.

But back then i didn’t even know who the floorpan belonged to, Now i know and i have him
on my Facebook and i have fliped thru his build photos, and i got to say, the man got an great
eye for the details.

And now he has nailed it again with a set of DIY split wheels for his 1956 beetle.
Using a stock steel center and puting some big ass polished lips on them.

And it looks killer.

The 59 vert pan with the FUC’s






If you haven’t seen his future and the sweet photos on Stanceworks, you should go check it out HERE


And the wheels for his 56.
6 inch in the front and 8,5 in the back.


And the finished result.



11406612_10206918844235726_2548071469620644780_o (1)


Thanks for letting me use the pictures Mike.

Keep it Classy.

Mi Casa De Verano

Well this has been a little dream ever since i had this back in 2009.



I hate sleeping in a tent ever since this party at Bug Run 2006. I passed out in my cheap ass tent and woke up when the tent was hot as hell, the morning sun was pointed right to my tent. I crawled out of the tent to catch my breath, and said to my self, never ever agin. :)


Well long story short, i bought this the other day, and i’m gonna haul it behind La Cholita next year.
whanna do it this year but since i don’t have a tow hook and i have to modify the rear quarter panels
i’m gonna fix that this winter.


It’s a Danish made trailer tent. Combi Camp Easy 400s from 1978.









lowlife vw meeting 2015 @manny’s auto

A lot of nice aircooled VW´s


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