Rubin´ some rubber and scraping some metal


Bad Camber 2014

Read the post before this one.

Here are the pictures from Bad Camber 2014

Rat Fink Reunion 2014

Well me and my buddy Jonas took a roadtrip 3 weeks ago to visit the Rat fink event and later continue to a town 1,5hours away from that event to go to the VW aircooled event Bad Camber. i have been bitching all summer that i don´t want to take my bug for long rides before the Bug Run Classic event because i didn´t want something to happen to the engine before that event, and my bug has been drinking 10Liters of oil since i brought it out this summer =) so i was in the passanger seat of Jonas Turbo VW variant, same as the year before haha.

here is some shots from the uuuuuuuuultra warm saturday at Rat Fink Reunion.

American Craftsman with Jesse James

I really hope some tv company can pic this show up, we don´t need any more, scripted arguing and shit. this is what we wanna see, real builds and the learning to do it.

Preservare // Keating Wheel Company

Everything about this video was great, the story, the editing…

Preservare // Italian for Preserve
pre·serve verb \pri-ˈzərv\
1: to keep (something) in its original state or in good condition
2: to keep safe from injury, harm, or destruction
3: to keep or save from decomposition
For more information visit:

The volksrod and the Caltex station

Took these photos yesterday of my buddie Magnus Volksrod, it passed inspection earlier in the morning, for the first time in 12 years




Scrape of the week

Ohh soo mean


Power Hot Rod Reunion 2014

Last Saturday me and my buddy Michael went down to Malmby Fairground, located 1 hour from Stockholm city or something, as always a bad ass event with a huge amount of kick ass cars. BUT! it was hot, soooo damn hot i burned my neck and my head baaaad. i was thinking of filming the hole thing but it was to hot so pictures will have to do.


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