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Classic Car Week 2011

Me and a couple of buddies went up to a town called Rättvik, every year the have the Classic Car Week, thousands of cars in a small town for a hole week, i have got my self a new job so after the day ended we took a 2 hour roadtrip up to Rättvik, or rather 1,5 hour and 30 minutes finding a god damn parking spot, the hole town is overcrowded and the parking spots sucks. ohh well we stayed for 3-4 hours just enjoying the super sweet evening sun and looking on cars.

And here are some pics of some of the rides, i missed alot because every
damn idiot walking in front of me 😦


Rat Fink Reunion 2011

Well it was my first time i visit this meet last year and last year it was really good, this year the Swedish car magazine Wheels Magazine did an article about what shows people should visit this summer, and Rat Fink Reunion was one of them. And i think that aricle had a huge impact on the visiting numbers of this years Rat Fink, it almost felt like twice the people and twice the cars and i almost think that next year they will have to change the meet location to a bigger place.

And here comes the pictures

Welcome People

Well the time has come, i have wanted to start a blog just for American classics for some time now and now it´s done. I love many car styles but my heart has always been American classics, so i hope you will bookmark the blog and keep on visiting in the future.

My Name is Jimmy i’m 32 years old and i live in Sweden.

Stay low.