A-Bombers Old Style Weekend 2011

One of the events here in Sweden i really would like to go to is the A-Bombers old style weekend in a town called Uddevalla, i had hope to go this year but with no job there is no money over for that.

But as always there is good people that take great shots of these events and one of them is Stefan Alcén. Stefan has 300 photos of the event on his Flickr Page so head over there and check the rest out.

Don’t forget to visit the A-Bombers homepage to.

Factory 6: Craig Metros

One day i will have a garage like this i hope. I just love the whole vibe about it.

“Craig Metros is a Detroit born car designer, artist and hot rod builder. Craig moved to Melbourne, Australia five years ago on an international work transfer. The first film from new production house Fuel Tank TV begins the ‘Factory 6’ series by peering through the doors of a workshop deep in the suburbs of Melbourne. Craig is one of a handful of passionate and skillful guys, toiling away the winter nights, creating art and working on a multitude of automotive projects in the same shared space.”

Don’t miss all the great movies at Fueltank.tv

Flake And Flames 2012

I can’t start this blog without blogging about this.

I have been following Dirk Behlau, aka The Pixeleye for a year or two now and all of his work is simply bad ass. So when i found out about his and Jesper Brams movie project i was glad, Sweet to follow a movie project from the beginning almost as Deuce Of Spades(hope everybody has seen that by now).

Check out the Flake And Flames website for more info.

You problably already seen these 2 teasers but hey watch them again 🙂

Flake & Flames – Teaser One (Finland)

Flake & Flames – Teaser II (California)

Classic Car Week 2011

Me and a couple of buddies went up to a town called Rättvik, every year the have the Classic Car Week, thousands of cars in a small town for a hole week, i have got my self a new job so after the day ended we took a 2 hour roadtrip up to Rättvik, or rather 1,5 hour and 30 minutes finding a god damn parking spot, the hole town is overcrowded and the parking spots sucks. ohh well we stayed for 3-4 hours just enjoying the super sweet evening sun and looking on cars.

And here are some pics of some of the rides, i missed alot because every
damn idiot walking in front of me 😦