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Project: Douchebag 2.0 (Part 1)

A couple of years ago i built a little musicbag that i could carry with me if i wanted to. To be honest it hasn’t seen as mutch sun that i would liked. But HEY! it´s fun to build, right? =)

The Douchebag 1.0


it sounds great. BUT! you know you can do better.

So this is the stuff i’m going to use for Douchebag 2.0

Magnat New Edge 216 6,5″ woofers/midrange<a


Hertz Ht25 Tweeters

And a T-amp 2024 amplifer that i bought on ebay.


Now to the box, i built it so it can fit behind the backseat of an old VW beetle.

Photo 2012-10-25 19 36 47

the front
Photo 2013-01-28 19 55 24

A little decoration, boxerville is for the Swedish VW forum Boxerville
Photo 2013-01-29 20 03 17

Strap it with some fake leather. It came out pretty good, little bit to tight between some of the letters to make the leather stuck but it works.
Photo 2013-01-29 20 22 06

Photo 2013-01-29 21 23 27

the first front didn’t come out that good, so i straped it with some burberry fabric, but that didn’t get that good either, now i’m making a new one, check back later this week to see the result of that.

Photo 2013-02-02 16 36 55

End of part 1