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Rat Fink Reunion 2014

Well me and my buddy Jonas took a roadtrip 3 weeks ago to visit the Rat fink event and later continue to a town 1,5hours away from that event to go to the VW aircooled event Bad Camber. i have been bitching all summer that i don´t want to take my bug for long rides before the Bug Run Classic event because i didn´t want something to happen to the engine before that event, and my bug has been drinking 10Liters of oil since i brought it out this summer =) so i was in the passanger seat of Jonas Turbo VW variant, same as the year before haha.

here is some shots from the uuuuuuuuultra warm saturday at Rat Fink Reunion.

Mooneyes Bike Show 2013

Well i didn’t make it this year either 😦
But something better happend this weekend. I got my self a new project and this one has 4 wheels and is from 1961 🙂 Topic on what, is coming up.

I got a hold of some nice photos anyways. Thanks to Lasse Wikstrand. It’s good to have Instagram followers sometimes 😉

Looks like it was alot of nice bikes there, and that place still looks badass.

Rat Fink Reunion 2011

Well it was my first time i visit this meet last year and last year it was really good, this year the Swedish car magazine Wheels Magazine did an article about what shows people should visit this summer, and Rat Fink Reunion was one of them. And i think that aricle had a huge impact on the visiting numbers of this years Rat Fink, it almost felt like twice the people and twice the cars and i almost think that next year they will have to change the meet location to a bigger place.

And here comes the pictures