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Scrapes Of The Day

Went to a nearby town called Falun today, it was the first time i visited the yearly cruizing there, it was probably on of the best cruizing i have been to. Unfortunatly i didn’t use my camera that mutch cuz i was chillin in the backseat of my buddy Joakim’s VW bus 🙂 but here is 2 pics =)

Patina is not a crime

Gefle Autum Cruz 2011

This was the first time in looong while that that i didn’t go down town and watch all the cars. On Saturday morning i went to Tierp Arena and the Bug Run Classic and after that my buddy Kristian had his 30th birthday party.

The movie is made by Markus Ek and this is the first movie his ever shoot and edit, and i think that is works very well.