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Lowriding with Jay – Jay Leno’s Garage

HAHA Finaly, Jay-Lo in da house.

“Lowrider Magazine’s Editor Joe Ray talks about the birth of Los Angeles’ native automotive art form; Chris Majera and Brandon Brusca take Jay driving in their custom Chevy Impalas.
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Pic Of The Day

Been thinking of building a larger rolling toolbox to have in my garage lately, even if i don’t have anything to work on at the moment. have been surfing the web for some ideas, and i’m thinking of something like this.

Factory 6: Craig Metros

One day i will have a garage like this i hope. I just love the whole vibe about it.

“Craig Metros is a Detroit born car designer, artist and hot rod builder. Craig moved to Melbourne, Australia five years ago on an international work transfer. The first film from new production house Fuel Tank TV begins the ‘Factory 6’ series by peering through the doors of a workshop deep in the suburbs of Melbourne. Craig is one of a handful of passionate and skillful guys, toiling away the winter nights, creating art and working on a multitude of automotive projects in the same shared space.”

Don’t miss all the great movies at Fueltank.tv