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La Cholita Update

Well last couple of months has been busy to say the least.

Well let’s start with the end of the summer.

Over the summer i made a lot of Coffee runs to my favorite coffee shop.


Hanging out with the other VW heads in town.


And i had only one minor problem with the car all summer, a cord in the distributor broke and i go tow it to my sisters house with her boyfriends help. Couse they lived closest to where it broke down.


It stood outside in the rain for 3 days and then with help from my buddy Charlie we loaded it up and took it to my garage, and with help from my buddy Mikael we fixed the problem.


Hmm what else? well the biggest classic VW show in Sweden. Bug Run Classic moved from Mantorp park witch is a 5-6hour ride away in a old beetle to Tierp Arena witch is a 30minute ride from where i live. 4 years ago, and from that moment i just wanted my own beetle again and drive to the show. Well this summer it happend.

Went there on Friday morning and sleept in the car that night and was the first one att the car wash area on Saturday morning =)




Hmm what else?

I have been thinking i should by some polished “Fuchs” but i would like to see how the fit first, couse i have a stock wide front beam, i borrowed a set of detailed “Fuchs” from my body Tony with the right hight on the tires, looks damn good but i will keep the steelies on this summer.




So what have been doing since the snow came, well fixing the stuff that didn’t got done in time for last summer, like the footsteps, look at the old pictures and you see that they look like shit and the bends of and they wasn’t lineing up with the fenders correctly. now thats fixed but i need new chrome for them.

And then it was the stereo stuff.
It looked like shit under the hood so now thats taken care of, I had a pioneer P88RS head unit but i was missing the bluetooth connection. So almost 2 month ago i finaly got a job so for this Christmas i
bought my self a Christmas gift =)



Haven’t played with it mutch yet.


And i wanted some new woofers so 21 years ago i bought my first Rockford Fosgate woofer when i was 14 years old, and it’s was time again.


Gonna build a new box for them in a week or 3 =)

And with help of my buddys Markus and Anton we made some better looking copys of the Empi/Vw bumper bars this past weekend.



And to top the last summer of, this happend =)


You can now order a T-shirt or a Sweatshirt with my ride on it.
head over to http://www.slammedshop.com/ and look under the ride and pride collection 🙂

Well thats all for now.

I will try to post more stuff from now on.

// Jimmy

La Cholita Session 2 “DONE”

Well i have been slow on the posting part on this site for some time now. Mainly because i have spent the past year in a garage finishing up this car. I hope i can find some time to flip true the interweb and find some cool stuff to post from now on.

The pinstripe is on and now the car is stage 1 Finished. and i hope it doesn´t brake this summer.








Project Coffee Glider out on the streets.

last time this car was out on the streets or the last time it passed it´s inspection was back in 1989. i have been so damn busy so it hasn´t been mutch action on the blog lately. But now the car is pretty mutch finito. a couple of stuff left like fixing better front tires with lower profile, i had to raise it up all the way in the front just so i could turn.

ohh well pictures from yesterday.

Project Coffee Glider update

Well it took me one year, or it has been one year since i bought the car, but i had a hold upp for 3-4 month and a couple of weeks here and there. But tonight, one year after i bought it i finaly could take my first cruise in it.

Enjoy….I know i did 🙂

Coffee Glider update

Got my wheels painted and mounted new 205-65 in the back and some decent 135-65 in the front.

I have to pass the inspection before i can lower it, or i prefor to do it that way.


above: how it sits right now
Below: the plan