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Eryk Frias iconic “Hush Hush” Sold To Sweden

2 year ago i started to follow a pretty Exiting build-thread over at Los Boulevardos car club. And i had just discovered the LBCC, The long story short. I bought my old BEETLE back in June 2009 from a nice guy down in Stockholm called Jon. He had to sell it to finish his other build, THIS 1960 Oldsmobile Super 88, when we where talking about the beetle he told me that he was one of two members of the American car club. Los Boulevardos and he told me to check out the club when i got home. Of course! i didn’t remember the name of the club when i got home, so it took me a couple of month to find it on the web, instead of just sending Jon a text and ask him the name again……… haha. I have always been in to american cars, my Uncle built a lot of custom van’s back in the 80ยดs and my dad is a badass americana car lover. I my self have never owned an American car but that is going to change soooooooon i hope. Got to get a damn job first But when i found LBCC i had found the holy grail, almost every build-thread and every picture thread, i found cars that i loved…

Ohh Well back to the Exiting build-thread.
I had seen the WORK of Eryk Frias before and when i saw his new project thread i was glad that i could follow it from the start. Eryk’s new project was his old 1967 Cutlass Supreme that was going to get a oldschool lowrider touch. There is so many pictures and a lot of good stuff to read in his build thread so i’m just going to post a few shots. If you like it you got to visit his build thread HERE

This is what he started with.

And now to what i love most about the car, the beautiful paint job, if you really want to see it, visit the build thread .

Start with this.

Do it like this.

And This.

And you will end up like this.

Of course it’s not that simple. Well you got to see the hole build i tell ya. The car has been futured in magazines all over the world the past year. And it’s truly worth it.

On to the Sweden part.

One or two weeks ago i saw that Eryk had put the car up for sale on Ebay, and just like that it was sold. Then i found out that it was sold to someone here in Sweden. and i tought for sure i know who the buyer was, but he says it ain’t him so ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Loooong story short, it ain’t often you can sit and admire someone’s work in the States and then have a chance to see it live here in Sweden, if you don’t travel to that country of course, but for the past 2 years i have been out of a job so that ain’t an option for me. Now i probably can have a chance to see this car in person at some event this summer.

P.S. I really really hope that the new owner doesn’t fuck this car up with some “modern” Lowrider wire wheels and a pro hopper jump to the moon system. This car deserves to stay as it was when it was sold.

Holy crap this is the longest blogpost In my 3 years of blogging.
And as always, sorry for my messed up spelling ๐Ÿ™‚