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Bad to the bone

So damn cool..


RubNScrape On Facebook

Well it’s always nice with a facebook site, and great place to put my photos on so that people can tag them self. And just another easy way to post some nice stuff.

Head on over an check it out, don’t forget to hit the like button.

The World Is Not Fair

Well yesterday i watched American Restoration the buck wild episode, and then it struck me. The world is not fair. Tyler wanted a truck project so him and his dad Rick went to the seller and took a look.

The car was a 1965 Ford F100 shortbed SUPAAA SLAMED with full Airride suspension and 4 link in the back. It look fuckin amazing.

If this car was for sale here in Sweden it would cost somewhere beetween 11000 to 16000 DOLLARS. This badass was for sale for 2500 dollars thats NOTING!!!!!

Now i wanna MOVE!

And of course Rick went behind his son’s back and bought it, and surprised him with it.

I want one to 😦