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Snapshot Of The Day

Everytime i see my buddy Woffes Speedster it’s hard NOT to take a picture of it, and if i have my camera in my hand and he parks 15 feet away it’s even harder =)

I had to crop the image because my ugly ass ride was parked behind the speedster.

klick on it for fullsize.

Wolfparts Speedster

I can say this over and over and over again, i have never ever seen a better looking Porsche 356 Speedster then this one. All though it’s a replica, It doesn’t matter. If you think otherwise please show me a better looking one. Damn when i went to bed last Saturday i had dreams about this ride =)

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And a bonus pic on Alexanders Karmann Ghia, fully restored by Wolfparts.
The color didn’t come out right in this picture 😦

Wolfparts Open House 2012-05-12

Last Saturday my old boss Woffe had an open house in his new shop, lots of classic Volkswagens and some new cars as well.

Here is a little info on Wolfpars.

“Wolfparts and MetalRestoration was founded in 2003.

We are a company that have specialized in old Volkswagens and
high quality panels/parts that are so important for accomplishing
a serious restoration. Our main task is to reproduce hard to find
panels/parts and to improve the quality of already available
panels/parts. Most of our repair panels/parts are handmade,
but we also have developed a few press-tools for quantity
reproduction as well. Of course to the same high quality standard!

We do all our measurements on NOS VW parts. New parts will
continuously be introduced at our website and you are most
welcome to contact us. We also do full metal restorations as well
as trading restored and unrestored VW cars.

Our location is in beautiful Northern Sweden and we ship parts worldwide!”

Here is a little video i made.