RubNScrape Saluts Derek D and FLD


Well today i was flipin thru my youtube subscribtions as usual, but i was not expecting this, i have watched Fast Lane Daily from the beginning i think and Derek D is one of the funniest talk show hosts that i know of.  i really hope FLD is coming back.




Harley and the Davidsons Trailer 2016


3-Part Miniseries Airing September 5-7 at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery

This is the story of young men – best friends and brothers – coming of age and dealing with rivalries, expectations of parents, business competitors and life and death on the race track. In Milwaukee at the turn of the 20th century, the Davidson brothers and their friend Bill Harley launch a motorcycle company that will eventually become an iconic brand and an enduring symbol of Americana. HARLEY AND THE DAVIDSONS reveals that great opportunities can be forged not only through ingenuity and innovative design, but also from brotherhood and friendship, guts, and an ironclad will to survive.

Syrarium Studios

I found this video yesterday of a badass paintjob on a 1952 Chevy Suburban. The paintjob is done by Phil Leonard of Syrarium Studios.

The movie was well put together, and when i see movies like this, i always check out the user on Youtube/Vimeo. in this case the users name was JRGphotography and he had done a few videos of Syrariums Studios work, and here are two of them.

Be sure to check out out Phil’s work at Syrarium Color Studio and the video work from JRGphotography’s website and subscribe to his youtube page

And a bonus vid.