Bug Run Classic 2015

Probably the best BRC yet for me, because i got to spend the whole week there for the first time. Cause now i got my own tent trailer to sleep in, last year i slept in the backseat of La Cholita and that sucked hard.

Me and the boys from my town had a great little camp.

DSC05332 [HDTV (1080)]

as usual i was filming the whole event, and a movie is coming up.
but you can find a bunch of photos in my gallery HERE

R.I.P Dad

Well it has been really quiet on here this summer, and the reason for that is this.


My dad got his cancer back this year, and that fuckin disease did what it does best, take good people away from family and friends. Me and him talk a lot about building a airdrop trailer to put behind La Cholita, but the last week he was clear in the head and i could talk to him, i bought my trailer tent and he was so exited about it. It sucks that we can’t make a trip together.
Man i miss you dad.

Well! taking care of his apartment and funeral has been pretty hard, but now i’m starting to relax. And the last month has been up and down but mostly up, thanks to good friends and family and inspiring new people in my life.

Well time for me to starting posting some cool shit again =)

And ohh yeah #FUCKCANCER