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Boxerville Chill & Grill 2015

Well my weekend is offcialy over and i was suppose to have La Cholita ready for this awesome little Air Cooled only meet. But i haven’t wrote anything here in a month and there´s a reason for it. June 22 my dad past away in … Continue reading Boxerville Chill & Grill 2015

Aircooled 14

Sweet movie by Oliver Wilkes. Check it out.

Aircooled VW Show, Stratford upon Avon, 27-29 June 2014
Filmed and Edited by Oliver Wilkes
Music – Swang – Electrohumedo

The Barndoor from the swamp

I saw this the same day airmapp uploaded it to vimeo, don´t now why i haven´t posted it before. It’s a pretty awesome rescue.

“So here is our video about our early 51 Barndoor panel van rescue.
This happened late october 2013 and we began the restoration early december, with the goal to have it on the road for the 2014 season !
Be sure to register on airmapp.com to follow the build progress along the winter.”

Call your Cuñados

Nice movie from eGarage.com

“Cuñado” means brother in law in Spanish. In our circle of early bus friends we use the term as a bond between others that transcends the split window bus. Cuñado is a mindset and camaraderie developed through owning and maintaining early split window buses, camping, grilling out, and attending car shows and swap meets.
We look out for one another as if we were family”. – Mark Pribanic
Directed by Frazer Spowart for eGarage.com