Cold Balls 2017

Almost every boy that grows up in Sweden and has a passion for cars, most likely will find himself drifting around a lake in the winter at some point in his life. Well if you live on the north side of Stockholm anyway. Well that was the childhood for the Swedish Pro drifter Samuel Hubinette anyways. Same thing for me, first time i hit the ice i was 13-14 and it was in my friends volvo 240 i think. A few years ago a smart group of people came up with this awesome idea. Let’s make a winter event for the aircooled folks out there. I couldn’t make it last year but this year i got the opportunity so i took it.

Well i have one word to say about the past weekend, and thats AMAZING! i got the chance to meet old friends and make new ones.

The coolest thing must be all the visitors from the netherlands who drove there cars all the way up, 2000km and then all the way back. thats got to be such an awesome roadtrip.

I know my mind is set on taking Krush Groove for the 5 hour roadtrip up there next year.

You can find all 120+ pictures here in the GALLERY

But here is some of my favorites.

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