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Bug Run 30 year anniversary

well i came home late last night from an awesome weekend down at Mantorp Park outside of Linköping, Sweden.

I was there to film at the event but i took some photos to.
Too few, i realise now :/

But here you go

Bug Run Classic 2011 Part 1 ( The Start Grid )

Well this was my first visit to the new Tierp Arena, and fortunately for me one of the founders of the BugRun Classic called me last week and asked me to do a trailer for next years Bug Run Classic, i have a lot of gigabites to go through before that trailer is done, but me and my buddy Mickael that was going to help me with the filming part got press accreditation and could run around as we wanted and shoot, and i got to say that the Tierp Arena is fuc%&¤%# bad ass, it was huge as hell.

I was filming most of the time but here comes my pics from the start Grid.