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Power Hot Rod Reunion 2014

Last Saturday me and my buddy Michael went down to Malmby Fairground, located 1 hour from Stockholm city or something, as always a bad ass event with a huge amount of kick ass cars. BUT! it was hot, soooo damn hot i burned my neck and my head baaaad. i was thinking of filming the hole thing but it was to hot so pictures will have to do.

Accident At The ’14 Grand National Roadster Show

This doesn’t look fun at all.

“Folks, please, always make sure that your throttle is free and doesn’t stick. Not that we wanted this to be the first post for the 2014 Grand National Roadster Show, but one of the contenders was approaching the viewing area to be judged when his throttle stuck, running over GNRS judging chairman Vic Cunnyngham, resulting in serious, though not life-threatening injuries. And the roadster is in bad shape. ALWAYS make sure that your linkage is free of hangups and interruptions or this can happen to you.
Update 5:48 PM: Vic has had X-rays and has no broken bones, and is breathing fine, according to GNRS promoter John Buck. He was airlifted out of the Fairplex as a precaution. It goes without saying we wish Vic well.

Source: Hot Rod Magazine blog



Our Kulture

Well i have been waiting for this for a while now, first heard rumors about this a couple of wheeks ago. And now the first video of the new youtube channel Our Kulture is up.