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Bug Run Classic 2015

Probably the best BRC yet for me, because i got to spend the whole week there for the first time. Cause now i got my own tent trailer to sleep in, last year i slept in the backseat of La Cholita and that sucked hard.

Me and the boys from my town had a great little camp.

DSC05332 [HDTV (1080)]

as usual i was filming the whole event, and a movie is coming up.
but you can find a bunch of photos in my gallery HERE

Mike Unland puts the D in Detail

If you are in the VW scene you problably already seen it.

When i first came across Mike Unland’s picture of his 59 vert pan sittin on the ground
outside his garage with the Rotiform FUC’s on it, i tought this is a project to follow.

But back then i didn’t even know who the floorpan belonged to, Now i know and i have him
on my Facebook and i have fliped thru his build photos, and i got to say, the man got an great
eye for the details.

And now he has nailed it again with a set of DIY split wheels for his 1956 beetle.
Using a stock steel center and puting some big ass polished lips on them.

And it looks killer.

The 59 vert pan with the FUC’s






If you haven’t seen his future and the sweet photos on Stanceworks, you should go check it out HERE


And the wheels for his 56.
6 inch in the front and 8,5 in the back.


And the finished result.



11406612_10206918844235726_2548071469620644780_o (1)


Thanks for letting me use the pictures Mike.

Keep it Classy.

Beating Baja

Imagine running the Baja 1000 in a old beetle, NOPE! i couldn’t, looks awesome thou.

“The adventures of La Tortuga and the Fire Guys “Class 11” Team racing in the 2013 Baja 1000.
Produced and Directed by James Pidgeon and Diego Castello
Cinematography: Chris Koser
Editing: Julien Scherliss
Assistant Camera: Diego Castello
Second Camera Unit: Erik Dinnel
Associate Producer: Brad Mccarthy & KC Steiner
Special thanks to Fire Guys Racing (Maxtrax “Class 11″ 2013 Team)
Lead Driver, Owner: Mark Murrell
Driver, Team Coordinator: Paul Blangsted
Drivers and Crew: Kc Steiner, Jason Harvey, Gary Helming, Paul Massey, Roger Ball, Melissa Steiner, Jason Hutter, Tara Volpe
Additional thanks to Maxtrax, Bob Ridgely @ Binary Recording Studio and Hand Crank Films”