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Bad Camber 2013

Well on Saturday morning me and my buddy Jonas took his squareback on a road trip to the Bad Camber meet in
a town called Borlänge, but first we tought that we should stop and check out the Rat Fink Reunion meet a little bit closer to are town. We started are road trip at 8 in the morning, got to Rat Fink at 9 BUT they didn’t let either visitors OR exhibitioners in until 11. SO should we stand outside and hang around for 2 hours or head on to the Bad Camper meet. We stayed half an hour then headed to Bad Camber.

Well that was really lucky because we sorta took a wrong turn and after 15-20 minutes we noticed that =) so it took a hell of a lot longer then it should 🙂

But finaly we got there =)

Enjoy the pics from this awesome event

Readers Ride: Russel Brewers 66 Bug

Well i did a post about this ride on the old server i think, and now it’s gone. But the short story is that he liked my old bug very mutch and wanted one just like it, so he built one.

One thing he really liked was my roofrack, but it was and old one and i didn’t know what brand or anything, so he decided to let a shop build one for him. I had some photos so i send him some close up pictures of mine and now it’s done and i got some pics in the mailbox.

just tought i share it with you.

It’s still a bit high Russel 😉 drop it like it’s hot 🙂

The Roofrack look great Russel.
And here is my old 65 Built by Jon Karlsson(Not me) for you who haven’t seen it before.

And a bonus pic of the badest stereo instalation EVER!! =)