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RubNScrape On Facebook

Well it’s always nice with a facebook site, and great place to put my photos on so that people can tag them self. And just another easy way to post some nice stuff.

Head on over an check it out, don’t forget to hit the like button.

Readers Ride: Russel Brewers 66 Bug

Well i did a post about this ride on the old server i think, and now it’s gone. But the short story is that he liked my old bug very mutch and wanted one just like it, so he built one.

One thing he really liked was my roofrack, but it was and old one and i didn’t know what brand or anything, so he decided to let a shop build one for him. I had some photos so i send him some close up pictures of mine and now it’s done and i got some pics in the mailbox.

just tought i share it with you.

It’s still a bit high Russel 😉 drop it like it’s hot 🙂

The Roofrack look great Russel.
And here is my old 65 Built by Jon Karlsson(Not me) for you who haven’t seen it before.

And a bonus pic of the badest stereo instalation EVER!! =)

Cool Flo Vintage

Nicely done movie, and i wouldn’t mind taking a coffe in one of those places the drive by, nice scenery.

“The Cool Flo Vintage guys are making their deliveries in London in their stunning 52, and 54 Barndoors and 64 Splitscreen Panel Van.

To find out what’s in the box? Check out www.coolflovintage.com

Bug Run Classic 2011 Part 1 ( The Start Grid )

Well this was my first visit to the new Tierp Arena, and fortunately for me one of the founders of the BugRun Classic called me last week and asked me to do a trailer for next years Bug Run Classic, i have a lot of gigabites to go through before that trailer is done, but me and my buddy Mickael that was going to help me with the filming part got press accreditation and could run around as we wanted and shoot, and i got to say that the Tierp Arena is fuc%&¤%# bad ass, it was huge as hell.

I was filming most of the time but here comes my pics from the start Grid.

Classic Car Week 2011

Me and a couple of buddies went up to a town called Rättvik, every year the have the Classic Car Week, thousands of cars in a small town for a hole week, i have got my self a new job so after the day ended we took a 2 hour roadtrip up to Rättvik, or rather 1,5 hour and 30 minutes finding a god damn parking spot, the hole town is overcrowded and the parking spots sucks. ohh well we stayed for 3-4 hours just enjoying the super sweet evening sun and looking on cars.

And here are some pics of some of the rides, i missed alot because every
damn idiot walking in front of me 😦