The Coffee Glider Status update

Well the progress has been slow but I’m slowly getting there.

When i bought it, i didn’t have any plans to get it done this year. But then i tought maybe i can throw it
together and drive, but why? It´s more fun to do the things i wanna do to it and THEN take it out.

It’s now September and in a month or 2 it’s gonna be snow outside. So this little project is now gonna be
my little winter project.

But i had the car in my buddy Jesper’s garage and i thought he would like it back 🙂 (thanks for the hospitality Jesper). but it was a 20minute drive there
every time i wanted to do something do the car, and as the unemployed sucker that i am, money is thight.
SO! i have a pretty big cage in a big ass underground garage where i live, but i had a friend’s car there and hadn’t clean that place in 5 years or more.
So this is where i’m at right now, 2 weekends of cleaning and stuff.


And this is pretty mutch how the glider looks right now.

Photo 2013-08-05 16 35 59


More updates soon.

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