Well time to start posting some stuff again. So on july 5th me and my buddy Jonas and a couple of other guys from town took a trip to Edstuga Ranch and the 2nd annual VWater meet. Last year was a hit so ofcourse we had to go, but this year i had my own VW to go in. BUT! i didn’t, my clutch is bad and the engine drinks oil like an alcoholic drink bear. And i really don’t have the time and money to fix it before my number 1 go to meet this year, which is Bug Run Classic on august 1-2. So i went with Jonas in his Variant with typ 4 engine with a turbo, man that car runs great and smooth.

We had a blast as usual, got a taste of some super quality home brewed bear witch i loved. And as always we meet some nice people.

Enjoy the pictures.

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