Project Krush Grove (Update one)


Well let’s start from the beginning.

I first Bought this 62 beetle in 2003 i think, i had it for 2 years and never started building on it, i then sold it to a friend.

This is how it looked when i first found the add.

I then sold it to a buddy of mine and he got it running and he had it for a year and then he sold it.
And the owner after him have had it since then and he haven’t been driving it for 8 years or so.

And early this summer i found an old photo of the car with the license plate showing, and in Sweden we now have an app for checking up
information about a vehicle thru the licence plate. And an SMS service for getting info of the current owner.

The name that popped up seemed really familiar to me, so i checked my Facebook friends and my hunch was right. He is a former local Aircooled gearhead. He now lived an hour from my city, so that was good. I asked if he knew that he owned my old beetle, but it was news to him, and i asked if i could buy it back? the Answer was yes.

This is how it looked when i went to pick it up.

More to come

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