La Cholita 2016 Season is over

Well turned out to be a pretty problem free year for La Cholita again. And the only thing i did to her this year was pretty big but i should have done in Mars not in September. I got help from my buddie Niklas to but in a original ragtop.

Turned out pretty darn good, but it needs a new top for next time it’s gonna hit the streets.

Hmm what else has happend?

Well i hit the autocross course at Bug Run Classic HARD😂

Photo: Henke Eriksson

Had a great time at this years Bug Run Classic to.

And some other photos from this summer.

And right now she is put in a barn for storage this winter, i pulled all the good stuff of her before i put her in storage, i even pulled the engine because Krush Groove will get the 1600cc and La Cholita will get the 1300cc dubble port.

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