Project Krush Groove (update two)

Ok so the point with this build is gonna be a car i can take pretty mutch everywhere. La Cholita is my boulevard cruiser. And this is gonna be the get out and drive car.

That paint is so sad 😂 the car is repainted 20-30 years ago with the stock color, a poor paintjob and really thin. I got some help from my buddy Jonny who is a little wizard with polish stuff👍

He did a test and 2 weeks later he did the whole car.

I had an idea how i wanted the car to look, but ofcourse that plan has changed😂

The front beam is cut and rotated and rewelded so it now sits 4″ closer to the ground, and no adjustment but it sits perfect in the front. And the car had a 1300Dp engine.

This is some of the stuff i got for her.

356 copys. 5,5 and 4,5″ i borrowed a set of M/H Dot Race tires and tryed them on.

And a pair of Hella lights

Got some help from my buddy Jörgen to make some mounts for them.

First little photoshoot with the stuff mounted.

And ofcourse i had to put the babys together😂❤️😍

Well thats all for now 😁

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