Project Krush Groove (Update three)


Well i loved the look with the M&H tires but after i had watched these 3 movies
over and over again over the last year, i started thinking that i need a ride that i can use all year around.

This is a great movie and this race looks awesome.

And Matt Hummel and his Porsche 356 Adventure

And the Cold Balls Event here in Sweden for aircooled VWs only, i’m gonna be attending it next
year withe car, this year i will help my fiends and do a movie and take some photos. 3feb it´’s on baby.

So i didn´t need another 4-5 months summer machine, i live in Sweden and we have a looooong winter.

So the 1600 Engine from La Cholita is now mounted in the car. And it works great,
it need a little fine tuning though .


I have been a hifi and car audio Geek since i was 13-14 years old, and in La Cholita i don´t mind if the audio stuff is visible, but in Krush Groove i want everything hidden and no speakers in the doors or kickpanels. But i still am a hifi geek and i want the sound coming in front of me and not under the seat or something like that, so this is how i solved it.

I used the Swedish high quality brand DLS Audio´s 4″ coaxial speakers this is the Basic series from a couple of years ago, but i completly love the sound. This is something i higly recommend, the sound stage is mutch better thenthe setup in La CholitaI really like these
Bug Tech shifters but i have cash to put on other things so i got some help and made my own shifter and put a EMPI quick shift kit on in.

Well now most of the car is 12 volt converted and just a few things left before it´s time for inspection.

And it was time for the real test drive that i have been waiting for, for so long.

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