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Coffee Glider update

Well the progress over the past 4 month has been slow. But now after watching Roadkill live the past weekend i whanna get the car done.

This is what has happen in the past month.

I had an extra pair of headlight glasses so i painted 2 of them with yellow glas paint. Looks pretty good, but i’m not sure i’m going to use them.


And i have always wanted 2 nice yellow foglights, but i’m not gonna pay 100€ for them. So i surfed the ebay wave and found these 4″ lights and they cost
14€ from China with shipping so i had to order them =)



And i had yellow glas paint over so i painted them yellow of course 🙂 Turned out great, but it´s to mutch with the headligts i think.



And i have finaly painted the inside.


And a car with the work name Coffee Glider needs a real coffee cup holder right?



This is how it sits right now, need to lower it fast =)

dsc02365 (1)

1492730_10151873900241849_2005869271_o (1)

Thats all for now

Project Coffee Glider

Well it´s been a slow process the last 2-3 month, but the winter is around the corner and it´s starting
to get to cold to hang outside. So me and my buddy Patric is starting to sort out the electric system mess.

i have made some new door panels but i’m not satisfied. i think i’m gonna add some thing at the bottom.

Photo 2013-10-04 22 37 39

think i´m gonna go for something like this.

Photo 2013-10-04 22 37 3gt9

Right now the car looks like this, but as soon as the electric part is done the fun stuff begins.



The Coffee Glider Status update

Well the progress has been slow but I’m slowly getting there.

When i bought it, i didn’t have any plans to get it done this year. But then i tought maybe i can throw it
together and drive, but why? It´s more fun to do the things i wanna do to it and THEN take it out.

It’s now September and in a month or 2 it’s gonna be snow outside. So this little project is now gonna be
my little winter project.

But i had the car in my buddy Jesper’s garage and i thought he would like it back 🙂 (thanks for the hospitality Jesper). but it was a 20minute drive there
every time i wanted to do something do the car, and as the unemployed sucker that i am, money is thight.
SO! i have a pretty big cage in a big ass underground garage where i live, but i had a friend’s car there and hadn’t clean that place in 5 years or more.
So this is where i’m at right now, 2 weekends of cleaning and stuff.


And this is pretty mutch how the glider looks right now.

Photo 2013-08-05 16 35 59


More updates soon.

Project Coffee Glider Part 3

Well time for an update.

The progress has been slow the last 2 month but i’m gettin there. It’s almost time for paint.

My broders kid has helped me prepp the car for paint 🙂

My buddy Erik has fixed upp the old wheels.


Trying out the new paint, the name of the paint? coffee brown and it´s satin, think it gonna look badass when it´s done.

Still a long way to go.